Hard Money Asset Based Loan Guidelines

Hard Money Asset Based Loan Types

  • Renovation Loan – Fix & Flips / Fix & Holds / Condo Conversion
  • New Construction – Ground up
  • Commercial Bridge

Property Types (Non-Owner Occupied)

  • Single Family
  • Multifamily
  • Mixed-use
  • Commercial

Loan Parameters

Borrower Profile:

Builders, Flippers, Investors, and Real Estate Developers

New Construction:

Yes! – We Fund 100% of Construction Costs

Loan Size:

$150,000 – $7,500,000

Loan Term:

12 – 18 months – Extensions Available at Lender Discretion

Lending Areas:

Massachusetts, Florida, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, North Carolina, South Carolina (other states on a case-by-case basis)

Interest Rate:

as low as 11.5% – Interest Charged on Outstanding Balance

Origination Fees:

As low as 2% – split 1 upfront and 1 at Exit

Loan To Value:

Up To 70% – As-Renovated


Interest Only / Payments Due Every 30 Days


Close in as little as 5 – 7 Days – Subject To Clean Title


First Mortgage, Real Estate Only

Credit Requirements:

Borrower Friendly Credit Requirements


Stated Income / Stated Asset


Not Required unless a Commercial Property

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Easy application process that can be completed in minutes

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Fast approval and money in your
hands as soon as 2 days

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Payment plans that only charge
interest on the money drawn


Recent Projects Funded by EMCAP Lending

Loan Amount:


Loan Type:

Commercial Bridge

Property Location:


Loan Amount:


Loan Type:

SFR Construction

Property Location:


Loan Amount:


Loan Type:

Commercial Bridge

Property Location:

Southern Maine

Loan Amount:


Loan Type:


Property Location:

Southern Maine

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