Hard Money Loan Broker Opportunities

EMCAP Lending is a private, non-bank hard money lender working with loan brokers across our service regions.  We provide our broker partners these benefits:

  • Speed – We quickly provide a hard yes or no.
  • Commitment – We provide our brokers a commitment letter, not a term sheet that holds no real value in a loan transaction.
  • Strength – Our financial backing ensures that if we approve a loan, the borrower gets their funds.
  • Convenience – Our draw process is easy to use and our loan terms provide flexibility and affordability.
  • Protection – we DO NOT cut our broker partners out of future deals.  If a broker’s customer comes to us directly in the future, we contact the broker and bring them back into the deal.

Our solid financial foundation, speed, convenience, and trust means our loan broker partners work with us on deal after deal. Because we establish a relationship of trust with our brokers, we often refer new business to them.

If you have a loan scenario you would like to discuss with us, please fill out the form below, or feel welcome call us today: 1-833-56EMCAP or email us at borrow@emcaplending.com.