Brokering real estate deals is a trade fueled by knowledge, experience, and connections. When you’re looking to help seal a deal on a commercial property for a client, having the right resources to afford your client will make all the difference. Many small to medium real estate investors rely on a system of loans to fuel their projects and to make their initial purchases; if you have clients looking to buy but don’t have the cash on-hand to finish the deal, get connected with EMCAP Lending.

Private, Non-Bank Hard Money Loans Working Protecting Our Broker Partners

EMCAP Lending is a private, non-bank lending institution which values connection and equity in every deal which we fund. While many private lenders form partnerships with brokers, our broker partners are treated with special care: our broker partners are treated to benefits like:

EMCAP Speed – Our team’s ability to turn a deal around is unmatched. We make a commitment to provide our broker partners with a hard yes or no on a deal which gets presented to us. We know your clients don’t want the deal with a waffling decision making process, and neither do you.

EMCAP Commitment – At the top of our determination to follow through on a decision, we provide our broker partners with a commitment letter on deals; not a term sheet which provides no actual value to a real estate transaction. You and your client will know exactly what our expectations are from the start.

EMCAP Strength – EMCAP Lending is backed by the Procaccianti Companies: a second generation real estate investment company. With the financial backing of a vertically-integrated, highly diversified real estate services organization, we can guarantee that when a client signs a deal, they will receive their funds. In a market which demands payment quickly and in full, we have the power to provide that to our clients.

EMCAP Convenience – Our team is made up of experts in the commercial real estate industry; when we approve a loan, we know just how important it is to have a fast and easy draw process. After loan disbursement, we provide terms which allow for flexibility and affordability. We want to work with you and your clients so that their projects are completed as successfully as they deserve.

EMCAP Broker Protection – We make it clear that we will not poach your clients. Unlike other private lenders, we will never cut our broker partners out of future deals. Whether it’s months or years down the line, if a client of yours approaches us about another deal, we will contact you in order to keep you in on the deal. 

EMCAP Lending is dedicated to taking care of our broker partners. With speed, convenience, and confidence at the core of our business, we will put you and your clients first in every situation. 

If you have a loan scenario which you would like to discuss with us, please take a moment to fill out our Broker Form Submission, or give us a call at 1-833-56EMCAP (1-833-563-6227). You can also reach us via email at We look forward to working with you.

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