With the real estate market booming, many people are beginning to get curious about the potential to invest in property. Real estate investment has long been a tried and true practice used by many to obtain wealth and status. But is real estate investment still feasible in today’s market? Read on to see what five real estate experts have to say about its value.

Forbes: Real Estate Builds Wealth

According to Forbes, real estate investment is still very important in today’s market. They look at real estate investment as a long-term investment that provides regular cash flow. It is also determined that real estate investments often appreciate on the market, allowing potential investors to use their equity to obtain future investment properties. 

GeekWire: More Bang For Your Buck (Real Estate Investing)

GeekWire also has a positive outlook on real estate investment for a variety of reasons. Not only does it provide a constant source of income if you rent a real estate property out, but real estate properties can offer essential tax breaks. These tax breaks can save you money in the long run, which you can then use to invest in more real estate property to gain more assets and a higher cash flow. It is a cycle made even more lucrative when inflation and appreciation set in.

Women Who Money: A Stable Source of Income

Women Who Money has just released an article tackling the same question. They have determined that real estate investment is still a great way to build and maintain wealth due to its historical trend of stability. They also highlight the benefit of a steady source of rental income that can be used to reinvest into the market, creating growth over time. 

Although prices have skyrocketed for many types of property in the current market, they believe that even investors who invest now will gain a healthy return in the long run. 

CNBC: Millionaires Say Real Estate is Still The Best Investment

CNBC took this question to the next level and interviewed millionaires who have property investments. Almost every millionaire they interviewed came back with the same conclusion: real estate investment is a path to wealth. Many of the millionaires made mention that real estate investment generates year-round income, provides six-figure tax breaks, does not tie up a lot of cash, and appreciates over time.

Bloomberg: Real Estate Investment Hedges Against Inflation

Blomberg has concluded that real estate investment is still a path to wealth. While it is still currently a seller’s market, individuals looking to invest can thoroughly research properties before taking the plunge. With thorough research comes intelligent purchases. These purchases can be made in strategic locations that may not have as severe an inflation rate now but have the potential to grow in the future. 

Additionally, investors can still confidently buy a property now because loan rates are still at an all-time low. These loan rates could skyrocket at any time, so if you are looking to invest, take the low loan rate with the higher buy-in, and a great outcome could come your way.

The Future Is Clear

Real estate investment is still a fantastic path to wealth. If you are looking to start your journey on this path, you will need to begin to look for loan programs that fit your needs. Nontraditional lenders are a great option for new investors. As an Asset Based Lender (ABL) EMCAP Lending can assist you in acquiring a loan for your next real estate investment. EMCAP Lendings hard money  loans are created with the help of experts who have worked professionally in the field for six decades. Not only can they help you get the initial investment money you need, but they can also help guide you into your first real estate investment.

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