Finding funding for your real estate investment projects shouldn’t be stressful. Obtaining funding from a trustworthy hard money lender is an experience which should feel mutually beneficial, transparent, and meet if not exceed your expectations. Here at EMCAP Lending, we strive to check all of those boxes, and where better to start building trust than giving you the tools we use when considering a loan package?

We proudly introduce our new Sources and Uses Calculator, a no-strings, free-to-use widget on our website which helps you gauge the viability of your next project before even submitting an offer on the property. The calculator not only helps organize your finances, but gives you a look at the numbers which we utilize to determine the strength of a loan opportunity. 

Utilizing three key factors (property purchase cost, estimated cost of repairs, and property ARV), you can see exactly what kind of loan you could expect from a hard money lender. If the package looks good to you, we make it easy to submit a loan application directly to us with just a little more information about yourself underneath the calculator form.

Simple, fast, and direct – EMCAP Lending strives to be a leader in transparency in the world of hard money. Thanks to our new Sources and Uses Calculator, you can see what we see before ever submitting an application.

To learn more about who we are and what we do, please contact EMCAP Lending today.

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