Who doesn’t love to feel inspired? In the world of home building each project has its own magic, but after a certain number of projects the inspiration can run out. Thankfully there are plenty of resources that exist to inspire and inform – we’ve compiled a list of a number of these resources, specifically on YouTube, which can help reignite the flame behind your homebuilding ventures. Check out these channels and the magic behind them:

4 Great Video Channels for Home Builders

  1. Ask The BuilderYou don’t always have time to sit down and watch a video that focuses on every little detail, and Tim Carter (or “The Builder”) knows that. Tim has spent more than a decade on YouTube posting well-paced, informative videos about all aspects of the building process. From the basics for new builders to the nitty gritty inner workings of building projects to help guide experienced builders. While a lot of the content is focused specifically on the building process and less on design trends, Tim provides something for everyone. Ask The Builder also has a blog and social media outlets, allowing you to explore Tim’s written insights as well.
  2. America’s Home PlaceWhile America’s Home Place features a lot of branded content, the insight which AHP provides to the homebuilding world is incredible. With FAQ-style videos which answer the questions about industry specifics, home tours, and building-focused technical videos about home and plot design, there is something for everyone with America’s Home Place. The YouTube page is updated at least three times per week, providing a steady stream of new information and inspiration for your current project and those ahead of you.
  3. Architectural DigestShowing off the ultimate inspiration behind new builds and updates to homes alike, Architectural Digest makes the fantastic accessible. With many of the AD videos featuring celebrity homes, there is a lot of inspiration to be had in the luxury and modernism shared by the AD crew. Beyond serving as style inspiration, Architectural Digest also provides an “On The Market” series which provides both style ideas and what your potential list price could be should you build something similar.
  4. This Old HouseA stable in the home improvement community for decades, the This Old House YouTube channel provides tricks, tips, and design inspiration both new and old. Given the franchise’s storied history, their YouTube channel provides you with virtually unlimited resources to inspire your next build. The channel has select playlists which contain specific videos relevant to whatever it is that you’re seeking information about. While you may already know of This Old House, digging into their digital content is a homebuilding must!

Easing the Homebuilding Inspirational Challenge

Keeping up with developments in the homebuilding world can be a challenge, especially when fresh ideas are few and far between. Thankfully the resources on YouTube can provide you with  seemingly limitless opportunities for inspired work. When your next spark hits, consider EMCAP Lending your ultimate resource to fuel the work behind your passion. With decades of lending experience, EMCAP works with you to keep your plans moving. To learn more about how we can help make your inspired idea a reality, click here.

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